Trump token whale sells for $3.7M profit as memecoin starts decline

    2024.06.18 | exchangesranking | 44onlookers

    A large memecoin holder, or whale, has made a $3.7 million profit after selling his Maga (TRUMP) tokens amidst the current market sell-off.

    Whale wallet ‘0x52C0’ has sold over 171,000 Trump tokens for a total of 414 Ether (ETH), worth $1.44 million, in the past 24 hours, for a total profit of over $3.7 million.

    The whale has been selling his Trump coins at the $8.38 mark, according to a June 18 X post by Lookonchain.

    Wallet ‘0x52C0’, Trump coin sales. Source: Lookonchain

    Looking at the savvy whale, 28% of his wallet still consists of Trump tokens, worth $372,000. His largest holding is the BasedAI (BASEDAI) coin, worth $921,000 and making up over 71% of the wallet.

    At its peak valuation on June 2, the whale wallet was worth $7.53 million, according to CoinStats.

    Wallet ‘0x52C0’, holdings. Source: Coinstats

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    Why is the Trump token down?

    The whale has started locking in its profits just as the Trump token started its price decline.

    The Trump coin fell over 30% in the 24 hours leading up to 09:00 AM in UTC, to trade at $7.88. The memecoin is down over 37% on the weekly chart, according to CoinMarketCap data.

    Trump/USDT, 4-hour chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

    Trump-related cryptocurrencies started falling amid rumors that Donald Trump’s team launched an “official” token on Solana. However,

    Pirate Wires claimed in a June 17 X post that Trump’s 18-year-old son, Barron, was “spearheading” the token, under the name TrumpCoin (DJT).

    However, Donald Trump’s team hasn’t confirmed the token launch, and blockchain data firms such as Bubblemaps seem confident that DJT isn’t linked to the presidential candidate.

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    Memecoins are in the red, as other whales also smell trouble

    Large holders are taking note of the market-wide memecoin sale, which saw some of the most popular meme tokens log double-digit gains.

    Leading memecoins Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) fell 13% and 18% on the daily chart, while Pepe (PEPE) tanked 13%, and Solana-based Dogwifhat (WIF) fell over 20%, according to CoinMarketCap data.

    Top memecoins by market capitalization. Source: CoinMarketCap

    The total market capitalization of memecoins fell 9.4% to $46.6 billion in the past 24 hours, while trading volume rose 79% to $6.25 billion.

    Other trump whales have also taken note of the decline and started locking in profits. Wallet ‘0x35D1’ sold his Trump coins for a $648,000 profit, while trader sighduck.eth sold his tokens for an over 1,500% gain of $1.88 million.

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