Subsquid teams up with Google BigQuery to redefine blockchain data handling

    2024.05.16 | exchangesranking | 31onlookers
    Subsquid, a Web3 data access layer, has partnered with Google after raising $17.5 million across multiple funding rounds to build an omnichain indexing solution, according to a May 15 statement shared with CryptoSlate.

    In January, Subsquid’s native SQD token community sale emerged as the fastest CoinList sale ever, with the project selling out 5% of its token supply in 19 minutes for $6.3 million.

    Subsequently, the project raised significant sums in a recent funding round from Blockchange, Hypersphere, Zee Prime, DFG, and Lattice.

    Co-founder Dmitry Zhelezov hinted that the project is about to release its native token but did not reveal further details about the launch.

    Google partnership

    The Google partnership will enable the integration of Subsquid’s SDK with Google BigQuery, facilitating seamless analysis of robust blockchain data for developers.

    Moreover, this integration will furnish enterprises and big data analytics platforms with ample blockchain data.

    Zhelezov said:

    “By eliminating vendor-lock and serving data in a P2P manner, Subsquid is a game-changer, and a fundamental improvement over the status quo of centralized solutions that have full control over the data.”

    This move follows a highly successful testnet, which attracted over 70,000 participants and 20,000 indexers, and previous integrations with Berachain, Neon EVM, CORE, and Starknet.

    Subsquid is an innovative decentralized data lake and query engine designed to expedite developers’ access to crucial data for building and testing decentralized applications (dApps).

    The solution supports the Polkadot and Kusama blockchain networks and has expanded to other popular blockchains, such as Ethereum and Solana.

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