Stablecoin issuer Circle eyes US move, setting stage for rumored IPO

    2024.05.15 | exchangesranking | 86onlookers
    Stablecoin issuer Circle reportedly plans to shift its legal home to the United States from Ireland for undisclosed reasons, Bloomberg reported on May 15.

    The firm has begun the relocation process by filing the required paperwork with the High Court of the Republic of Ireland.

    Circle’s decision to shift to the US comes as a surprise, given the advantageous low corporate tax rates it enjoyed in Ireland. Additionally, the move could subject the crypto firm to a heavier tax load and confront it with the challenges of a less favorable regulatory landscape.

    IPO plans?

    Industry analysts have conjectured that the stablecoin issuer was shifting its base to the United States in anticipation of its potential initial public offering (IPO).

    In January, the stablecoin issuer initiated the IPO process by filing for equity securities under a confidential status, aiming to transition into a publicly traded entity.

    This involved submitting a draft registration statement S-1 form to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a customary step for companies pursuing public listing, allowing them to fine-tune their strategies discreetly.

    Circle has disclosed that specifics regarding the volume of shares and pricing remain pending. The IPO launch awaits review by the SEC and is contingent upon market trends and other relevant factors.

    USDC growth continues

    Meanwhile, its relocation plan arrives at a time when its USDC stablecoin is enjoying a notable uptick in overall network metrics.

    According to data from DeFiLlama, the stablecoin’s market capitalization has increased by over 3.15% in the past month to $32.5 billion. Additionally, insights from Visa and Allium Labs show substantial trading activity surrounding the USDC stablecoin, currently at over $130 billion this month.

    However, despite the recent uptick in USDC activity, Tether’s USDT maintains significant market dominance within the stablecoin sector.

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