Aave proposes upgrade to v4 in strategic 2030 roadmap

    2024.05.02 | exchangesranking | 52onlookers
    Aave Labs has released its strategic roadmap for 2030 that introduces several key initiatives, including the launch of Aave V4, a new visual identity, and expanded DeFi functionalities.

    The “Temp Check” proposal aims to gather the Aave community’s feedback on the proposed enhancements to advance the Aave protocol.

    Aave V4

    At the heart of the proposal is the introduction of Aave V4, which will significantly improve the protocol’s user interface and extend its functionalities across diverse blockchain networks.

    The new version includes a Cross-Chain Liquidity Layer (CCLL) that facilitates seamless asset transfers across supported chains, enhancing Aave’s operational fluidity.

    Furthermore, Aave proposed plans to integrate Real World Assets (RWAs) with its native stablecoin, GHO, in collaboration with Chainlink. The integration aims to diversify the protocol’s asset base and stabilize the utility of GHO for daily transactions.

    The proposal sets forth a three-year development timeline. Aave Labs plans to engage with the community regularly through feedback sessions and annual reviews to align the project’s development with the community’s expectations and the dynamic market conditions.

    Aave Labs has also proposed a transition from a retroactive to a proactive funding model via a transparent budgeting approach involving community approval before project commencement. The proposed budget includes 15 million GHO and 25,000 stkAAVE, allocated to cover research, development, and security audits for the initial year.

    Updated Identity

    Aave has also proposed to update its visual identity to reflect its strategic future goals and enhance its brand recognition within the DeFi space. The new design aims to project a modern, distinctive image that aligns with Aave’s innovative outlook.

    Aave Labs encouraged broad participation from developers and community members in realizing its goals, emphasizing that the protocol’s governance remains decentralized. Contributors are invited to engage actively in discussions and development processes, helping shape the protocol’s future.

    Following community feedback, Aave Labs plans to refine and incorporate the input into the official Aave Governance Framework for final approval. The documentation related to this proposal is available under the CC0 license, facilitating open collaboration and widespread contribution.

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