WhiteList Zone: Bringing transparency and security to early-stage web3 investment

    2024.03.27 | exchangesranking | 53onlookers

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    Early-stage investment opportunities can be difficult for retail investors. According to Dmytro Kutsenko, founder and CEO of WhiteList Zone, existing OTC whitelist markets operate in a gray area with a high risk of scam. “It is very easy to lose your money or miss out on an interesting project. And if you want to invest in a Web3 project with tokens, you have to lock up funds across numerous launchpads and do a number of other activities. Whitelisting for new Web3 projects is a real struggle.”

    Dmytro’ project, WhiteList Zone, is a new whitelist marketplace for early-stage Web3 projects focused on making the process more transparent, secure and accessible. The project became the main topic of Cointelegraph’s discussion on Twitter Spaces.

    According to Kutsenko, WhiteList Zone sources projects from reputable partners such as exchanges and launchpads. These partners have already vetted the projects to some degree. The marketplace then does its own analysis, looking at project details, social media presence, team composition, and investor interest. “We don’t take projects off the street without good analysis and due diligence on our part. We look at all of these parameters before accepting a project,” Dmytro said.

    He also emphasized the importance of social media presence for any project. “Communities play a big role in our decision, because every good project has a large and active community that remains regardless of the platform,” WhiteList Zone’s CEO said. Influencer support and a professional website (especially for token sales) also indicate a more established and potentially safer investment opportunity.

    But even high-profile projects can fail, underscoring the inherent risk in any Web3 investment. “Anyone involved in Web3 investment should DYOR for a project they’re going to get in,” he noted. The speaker advised examining elements such as the strength of community engagement on social platforms, the percentage of real followers versus bots, the professionalism of the project’s website, and partners or backers.

    Speaking further about WhiteList Zone, Kutsenko elaborated on the support they provide to projects: “We work with various types of Web3 projects, as well as communities and companies. For projects, we provide additional marketing support, offering them additional revenue to promote their initiatives, along with additional perks. For communities, we have a referral system and early investment opportunities for those interested in getting involved in the early stages of promising projects. This robust network is beneficial to individual investors who can access the hottest and most promising projects on the far-flung platforms.

    For now, NFT projects can apply directly to the WhiteList Zone, while token sale projects are primarily sourced through partners. However, any project can apply for an “access whitelist," which provides early access to exclusive events or limited communities. WhiteList Zone plans to bundle these access whitelists with additional perks from partners and its user community, creating a valuable opportunity for investors.

    WhiteList Zone is currently in alpha testing. Once fully launched, different whitelists will be open to all users, with a tiered system that leads to potentially more profitable and interesting projects. In addition, an AI analytics tool will be available to users: it will scour publicly available data on each project, analyzing social media presence, team information, and economic factors, and then generate a personalized score and detailed review, enabling users and investors to make informed decisions.

    The vision for WhiteList Zone is multifaceted, according to Kutsenko: “A platform where anyone can easily and safely access investment opportunities in different types of projects, including closed alphas. We’re building the infrastructure and ecosystem that can become effective marketing tools for projects to engage audiences and raise funds. Meanwhile, launchpads and exchanges can increase their profitability, accelerate the industry and growth through various operational opportunities.”

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