This zero-fee crypto trading platform promises a microsecond matching engine

    2024.03.21 | exchangesranking | 63onlookers

    Presented by One Trading

    A crypto trading platform, One Trading aims to integrate traditional financial instruments with crypto assets and completes transactions in microseconds with a zero-fee policy.

    The high volatility of crypto markets makes low latency a crucial element of trading for users looking to gain a competitive edge. High-frequency traders who execute large numbers of trades in the sub-seconds can potentially experience significant financial losses or missed opportunities with even a millisecond delay.

    Realizing that improving latency will increase total liquidity and users’ profits from their trading strategies, the crypto industry continues to innovate to optimize network performance — with platforms aiming to reduce transaction times to microseconds.

    Crypto trading at microsecond scale

    Regulated crypto exchange One Trading introduces F.A.S.T., a digital asset platform designed to provide traders with a rapid trading experience. F.A.S.T. aims to stand out for its processing speed, operating the matching engine at a speed of 1 microsecond.

    As verified by Amazon Web Services (AWS) test results, a round-trip takes merely 74 microseconds, executing end-to-end orders in under 200 microseconds, even at high volumes. With ultra low latency, users gain an advantage over their competitors regarding price discovery and transaction speed.

    With fast transactions and zero-fee features, One Trading claims to have microsecond-level transactions. Source: One Trading

    With fast transactions and zero-fee features, One Trading claims to have microsecond-level transactions. Source: One Trading

    One Trading’s electronic over-the-counter (OTC) product, Instant Trade, enables investors to engage with the market by allowing instant trading of over 100 asset pairs, including fiat and crypto.

    Users can access a wide range of digital assets, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), as well as the most sought-after altcoins. Instant Trade provides the best prices from One Trading's venue and other leading liquidity providers, enabling clients to benefit from minimal trading fees on large-scale transactions.

    Users can create an account on One Trading and transfer fiat or crypto into their Instant Trading wallet. Traders can reach a maximum trade size of up to 10 million euros and access more customized trading through the High Touch OTC desk.

    At One Trading, client assets are separated from the exchange’s resources and stored in hot and cold wallets to optimize security without paying gas fees on every transaction. In this way, users can access high-speed trading with the reliability and regulatory compliance offered by traditional financial institutions.

    Crypto trading with zero fees via F.A.S.T.

    One Trading aims to push the current speed limits in crypto trading and enable investors to execute their strategies efficiently. Regardless of size or trading volume, all traders have access to the high-speed trading capabilities offered by F.A.S.T.

    Looking to democratize crypto trading, One Trading has a zero-fee policy on F.A.S.T. for all customer types that removes traditional cost barriers and makes digital asset trading more accessible to a wider audience. One Trading’s approach encourages participation from traders of all levels by eliminating the financial hurdles associated with trading fees and giving investors a chance to experience F.A.S.T. firsthand.

    One Trading was born following the rebranding of Bitpanda Pro, fintech startup Bitpanda’s crypto exchange, as an independent entity. The rebranding process was accompanied by a $33 million (€30 million) Series A funding round led by Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures.

    With an emphasis on building a regulatory-compliant platform, One Trading used the capital to launch its electronic OTC product, Instant Trade, and later F.A.S.T.

    Regulatory friendly

    Seeking to merge the worlds of traditional finance and crypto, One Trading is in the advanced stages of obtaining its Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) license. MiFID II is a regulatory framework created by the European Union (EU) to improve the functioning of financial markets and strengthen investor protection.

    Josh Barraclough, CEO of One Trading, which will be able to offer derivatives in addition to crypto assets in the EU once licensed, said:

    “Our team has worked relentlessly to create a trading venue that redefines speed, efficiency, and execution quality. With F.A.S.T., we aim to empower our customers with unparalleled advantages in the competitive world of crypto trading against all other trading venues and experiences.”

    Platforms like One Trading promise to make the digital asset market more accessible and attractive to a broader audience. Platforms that prioritize low latency, zero fees, and strict regulatory compliance will improve the trading experience and provide a more inclusive environment. By eliminating financial security and cost barriers, the obstacles to creating a user-friendly, transparent and equitable crypto market for everyone will decrease.

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