Social is the future of trading: MC² Finance connects with the best strategy experts

    2024.02.22 | exchangesranking | 128onlookers

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    “We’ve built the real bridge between traditional finance and DeFi. Our solution allows anyone to create digital asset portfolios in a matter of seconds. I’m sure many people have experienced the complexity of the digital asset world, especially if you’re trying to build a strong portfolio,” said Marine Popoff introducing MC² Finance. The platform was the central topic of the recent Cointelegraph Twitter Spaces session.

    Co-founded by Popoff and Christoph Richter, MC² Finance is an infrastructure for instant, noncustodial digital asset portfolios. It facilitates the trading and backing of comprehensive investment strategies rather than individual tokens. MC² Finance is also a participant in the Tenity Global Acceleration Program and the Cointelegraph Accelerator.

    MC² Finance differentiates itself from other platforms by focusing on risk-based returns and consistency rather than short-term profits. This is achieved through rigorous data analysis and expert validation. Expertise is verified through on-chain data showing past performance and social proof, such as performance on other protocols and verification by trusted third-party services.

    As Richter explained: “Social is at the core of Web3 and is the future of trading. So what we offer is not only to follow our experts on a platform but also to connect with them outside, like in Telegram communities. You can ask about strategy details or potential risks. In addition, experts will be able to provide exclusive strategies to their followers through Social Tokens. They are linked to our token, have a one-click setup and are fully automated. Social Tokens will also come with unlimited liquidity thanks to our unique tokenomics. We are creating all this to foster a strong community and simplify trading.”

    “Social media is run by influencers,” Popoff said, continuing the social theme. “Some are favored by the system more than others because they post more content, while others post less but focus on quality. We help find the real pros by providing on-chain and verifiable information about them. As for experts, you can create multiple strategies, each a little different from the other, to test the waters. And then share the most successful ones with your community. Soon you will even be able to share your results with an on-chain verifiable watermark. This will significantly increase trust compared to a simple, hard-to-verify screenshot.”

    “I think it’s especially important because we have new generations like Gen Z. Half of them are already investing in crypto. And because they have grown up with the internet and love everything that is internet native, they want to understand where things come from," Richter added.

    MC² Finance is currently running a spot trading contest in partnership with Cointelegraph. Anyone is welcome to participate until March 6, 2024.

    “It doesn’t matter if you trade with $10 or $100, because we measure success by the percentage return on your strategy,” Popoff pointed out. “The only thing that is prohibited is adding money to your strategy otherwise you will be disqualified. For future competitions, we will be adding more DeFi primitives. Richter continued, “We want to expand to all primitives - liquidity provisioning, staking, lending, perpetuals - so you can make a true crypto-native strategy. After the token launch, we will also add securities, like stocks. Why not mix stocks, perpetuals and maybe even real estate in a single digital asset portfolio? We will also launch more trading contests and partner with more chains.”

    Richter also stressed the importance of making multi-layered strategies for “stacking” DeFi protocols available to a wider audience to encourage further experimentation and unlock the full potential of DeFi.

    MC² Finance is currently deployed on Ethereum and BNB and is looking to expand to other chains. Richter outlined the unique structure of the platform: “We have three key components: social interaction, DeFi trading, and a reputation and analytics system. To ensure continuous improvement and community involvement, we have adopted a hybrid approach: initially, the source code of a component like reputation is available to our trusted partners. This allows us to test and improve quickly. Once optimal solutions are identified, they’re implemented on-chain for decentralization and open-source access.

    Speaking of institutional players, Richter emphasized the custody flexibility, as they can choose between MC² Finance’s account abstraction wallet or their preferred custodian for asset custody. “Custodians can subscribe to any strategy on our platform that meets the quality and risk criteria defined by you and your custodian. For example, we work with PWC. They have a lot of ESG data and ESG information on tokens. Their expert can create a strategy based only on ESG tokens and the PWC database. And if the strategy violates it, the user will automatically exit the strategy and keep the assets safe.”

    For now, MC² Finance’s focus is on decentralized exchanges and fostering a decentralized network. But they are actively exploring future expansion. As Richter said: “The beauty of Web3 is that the token itself can be traded anywhere. So we can do the same with centralized exchanges later on.“

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