One of the oldest crypto farming games announces a new title

    2024.01.29 | exchangesranking | 185onlookers

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    CropBytes, a Web3 game that allows players to create a farming business, has unveiled plans to supercharge the experience even further. Introducing CropBytes Conquest, an innovative spin-off title where the beloved Superhero NFTs from the original game will engage in captivating PvP battles, injecting an adrenaline-fueled dimension to the CropBytes universe.

    The recent boom in Web3 gaming has shown how virtual assets can possess real-world value and utility — underpinned by true ownership.

    Farming games, in particular, have found solace in these advancements, offering a therapeutic experience where players can nurture virtual lands, tend to flourish crops and embark on continuous improvement. The integration of cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens (NFT) has infused an extra layer of interactivity, enhancing these games into immersive virtual realms.

    Imagine a world where the harvested fruits could be sold for cryptocurrency, and the materials your animals produce — milk, wool and eggs — could be traded with other players. NFTs could also help aspiring farmers supercharge their output and boost the revenues they generate every day.

    One crypto-powered game, CropBytes, has turned such transformative concepts into reality — blending a realistic simulation with strategy, entertainment and real-world economic principles. Available on Android, iOS and the web, it’s amassed more than 800,000 signups to date — with continual improvements during its five years in operation.

    CropBytes is part of an expanding ecosystem with sustainability at its heart — and along with upcoming features that make its flagship game even better, new games are on the horizon.

    New applications

    Since the beginning, Polygon NFTs, known as Superheroes, have played a crucial role in the CropBytes experience. They enhance productivity and allow players to achieve more.

    Now, they are going to star in a brand-new PvP action game called CropBytes Conquest — putting their unique abilities and strengths to the test in breathtaking battles. Developers say that this is a crucial step on the road to interoperability, where one virtual asset can have multiple uses in many environments.

    Strategic world-building is another feature, introducing a new class of assets called Biomes, which will be given away in a presale event soon. Biomes are landscape tiles, including water, forests, buildings and rocks, utilized by players to grow their dominion in the game world.

    Tantalizing details about the upcoming game are being regularly shared on social media — giving avid players a taste of what to expect when it goes live in January 2024.

    CropBytes is also underpinned by a native token called CBX, which delivers a player-driven economy that fluctuates in line with supply and demand. Similar to Bitcoin, CBX adheres to a deflationary mechanism, deliberately diminishing its supply over time through player activity. The CropBytes team will have no control over the token burning. This strategy aims to elevate the value of CBX, positioning it as a valuable asset for players and investors alike.

    Beyond its use cases, CBX also serves as an educational tool — offering a gateway into the vibrant world of cryptocurrencies for newcomers.

    Pushing boundaries

    Sandeep Kumar is the game’s founder and CEO. He’s determined to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming and blockchain space:

     “Our aim is to blend the thrill of gaming with the practicalities of real-world economics, setting a new standard in the industry. At CropBytes, we’re not just creating a game — we’re building a thriving economy and a vibrant community, all within a virtual world that mirrors the complexities and opportunities of the real world.”

    With a detailed roadmap and a desire to put players at the heart of the action, 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for CropBytes — with a team who are determined to be outstanding in their field.

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