Biden Administration announced key AI actions after executive order

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    The Biden Administration released a fact sheet with its key actions on artificial intelligence (AI) on Jan. 29, three months after the release of its initial executive order. 

    Bruce Reed, the deputy chief of staff, convened with the White House AI Council, made up of officials from a range of federal departments and agencies, to hear reports of how they have implemented actions from the E.O. 

    The fact sheet said these updates mark “substantial progress” towards the president’s mandate to “protect Americans from the potential risks of AI systems.”

    These updates include the Defense Production Act to urge AI developers to report “vital information” including AI safety test results to the Department of Commerce.

    “These companies now must share this information on the most powerful AI systems, and they must likewise report large computing clusters able to train these systems.”

    A proposal of a draft rule was also reported as an achievement, which asks the U.S.-based cloud computing companies to report if they are providing computing power to foreign AI training. 

    Additionally, risk assessments were completed by nine federal agencies, which cover the use of AI in every critical infrastructure sector. According to the fact sheet, the assessments will be used as the basis for further federal action.

    Source: White House.gov

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    Jamie Nafziger, the chair of international law firm Dorsey & Whitney’s “Cybersecurity, Privacy and Social Media Practice” group told Cointelegraph that:

    “This is the first assessment of its kind, and it will be conducted annually going forward. In addition, the U.S. completed several steps that will help streamline U.S. recruiting of international AI talent.”

    In addition to the safety-oriented goals, the fact-sheet highlighted new efforts and innovations over the past 90 days, to “attract and train workers with AI expertise.”

    This included the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Nvidia partnership for AI advancement, the launch of an AI Talent Surge to promote hiring AI professionals across the federal government and the establishment of an AI task force at the Department of Health and Human Services which will help develop policies for AI innovation in health care.

    Nafziger highlighted that the U.S. has “met or exceeded the many requirements that were slated for the first three months in the executive order.”

    “This year and continuing through June 2025, we will see many other aspects of President Biden’s order launch, with guidance expected from many federal agencies.”

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