Next-gen gaming experience is coming: AMA with Undeads

    2023.12.23 | exchangesranking | 212onlookers

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    "Web3 games represent a paradigm shift from Web2: they're on-chain, allowing players to use NFTs as playable characters, adding a layer of ownership and uniqueness. However, many Web3 games fall short of the quality that players are accustomed to. That's why we set out to create a console-quality, AAA game on the blockchain," said Leo Kahn, opening Cointelegraph's latest AMA.

    Inspired by Resident Evil and Call of Duty, Kahn's ambitious project, Undeads, is a survival game where players fight each other as humans or evolving zombies, with all characters, weapons and buildings as NFTs.

    "This concept of dual characters playable in a multi-world game is what we're pioneering with Undeads. It's about bringing a new dimension to gaming and breaking the mold of traditional character play," Khan explained.

    The complete Undeads game will be released in 2024. For now, an early preview version, Undeads Rush, is available for players to get a taste of the gameplay. "It's more than a demo, but a more immersive experience for those who have our NFTs. And also for our Discord fan base, which already has over 55,000 users, and beyond," said Kahn.

    The integration of NFTs into the game experience is central to the project. "In Undeads Rush, you can play with your mintable characters and have a wide variety of weapons and vehicles. We also include competitive elements such as daily and monthly leaderboards for players to earn bonuses. The game's point system plays a crucial role, especially for those who own Undeads' NFTs," he noted.

    According to Kahn, Undeads has been quite successful despite the crypto winter, with its NFTs selling out for over a million dollars.

    In addition to its unique features, Undeads is cross-platform, inviting NFT holders from different platforms to participate, thus broadening the community. "We're not locking anyone into just the Undead metaverse. You can have NFTs from Yuga Labs, Azuki, DeGods, CloneX, still join us and put your NFTs into action by earning points throughout the game that you can redeem for real-world assets or convert to crypto," Kahn said.

    Undeads’ airdrop campaign, which is now active, is divided into two phases: the first phase prioritizes the game's most loyal supporters, rewarding them with exclusive access to various perks and bonuses, while the second phase is for active players, not just NFT holders, who participate in the game's point swap system. Kahn elaborated: "You can swap all the points you have in the game that you have won in battles or races. We think this is a very innovative way to engage with our community. And we also made sure that everything was legal and compliant."

    In its final release, Undeads will retain all existing features and also add VR capabilities, robust economies, integration with external metaverses, and even NFT advertising slots.

    "We're working really hard behind the scenes to bring you the best gameplay we can," Kahn said. "We really want to make sure that you have a triple-A rated experience. The biggest keyword here is VR. From day one, that's actually been one of the hardest things to achieve within the website environment and for this type of game metaverse, but we're keen on bringing it."

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