TradFi meets DeFi: Swiss meta-exchange unifies trading across FX, CEXs and DEXs

    2023.11.04 | exchangesranking | 808onlookers

    Presented by SwissBorg Smart Engine

    Crypto gets traditional finance treatment with the Smart Engine, a first-of-its-kind meta-exchange by SwissBorg. Unifying the experience for FX, CEX and DEX trading, Smart Engine has recently integrated with Solana, bringing direct fiat on-ramps for Solana-based projects.

    The cryptocurrency market is fragmented, with thousands of coins listed on a variety of centralized (CEXs) and decentralized (DEXs) exchanges. This complexity is a barrier to entry for both individuals and institutions from traditional finance.

    Crypto trading is complex, difficult to use, and requires a deeper understanding of the underlying technology to succeed. Users also need to create new accounts on multiple trading platforms and complete rigorous Know Your Customer (KYC) processes for each CEX just to access a wide range of assets and trading pairs.

    Even then, getting the lowest slippage becomes an arduous task that requires constant price checking across exchanges in a constantly moving market — especially for large transactions. Users are looking for a unified experience for navigating through the crypto market without losing to slippage while placing orders across CEXs and DEXs.

    SwissBorg, a licensed and regulated crypto-friendly asset management platform, developed the SwissBorg Smart Engine to unify the trading experience of TradFi and crypto users. The SwissBorg Smart Engine is a meta-exchange that connects to various exchanges to give users access to all available liquidity and trading pairs.

    Smart Engine is a technology from Swissborg that offers a single-user interface and allows users to convert fiat currency to any cryptocurrency in a single tap at the best price and with the best liquidity. It does this by instantly checking order books across major foreign (FX), centralized, and decentralized exchanges to provide users with the best execution. Thanks to the Smart Engine, users can benefit from synthetic pairs that do not exist anywhere else on the market, such as euro to Helium and Polish zloty to Moonbeam. The benefits of Smart Engine are lower prices, security, and convenience — you don’t need to sign up for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Solana projects get fiat on-ramp

    To add more assets and trading routes to its users’ options, SwissBorg has recently integrated the Solana blockchain, one of the biggest networks by total value locked, into its Smart Engine order management system. The integration enables SwissBorg users to utilize the liquidity and trading pairs of major Solana DEXs, including Orca and Phoenix. It also paves the way for easy listing of Solana-based projects, as SwissBorg offers the fiat gateway for any project on its platform.

    Thanks to this integration, the Solana network now becomes a part of what SwissBorg describes as unified finance (UniFi) — a financial infrastructure that brings traditional finance together with decentralized asset markets.

    SwissBorg offers streamlined trading between fiat and crypto pairs thanks to its integration with a wide range of CEXs, DEXs and FX platforms. Source: SwissBorg

    SwissBorg offers streamlined trading between fiat and crypto pairs thanks to its integration with a wide range of CEXs, DEXs and FX platforms. Source: SwissBorg

    SwissBorg’s innovative meta-exchange (MEX) allows users to seamlessly move from traditional fiat to the on-chain crypto market with zero spreads and a transparent fee structure. It also scans multiple exchanges in real-time to ensure users receive the best price for their trades.

    Users can access 2,883 crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trading pairs and administer their investments and trades across various platforms from the user-friendly SwissBorg interface. The mobile app enables trading any fiat or crypto pair, even if it doesn’t exist on any exchange. With its strong fiat on-ramp features, Smart Engine makes all the conversations in the background and finds the best route and price for any given pair.

    Financial freedom through innovation

    Ivan Garcia, chief growth officer at SwissBorg, contextualizes the issue currently faced by many crypto projects:

    “We need to end the CeFi and DeFi political wars and find ways to merge the off-chain and on-chain worlds for all communities around the globe. DeFi needs to become the backbone and back end of the financial industry. Many have no choice but to abide by the whims of large exchanges asking for big sums of money and using opaque listing practices. At SwissBorg, we’re proud to be empowering every project and community with a fair platform to grow their community and thrive.”

    Launched in 2018, SwissBorg is licensed and regulated in Switzerland, France and Estonia, with the company employing over 200 people. SwissBorg boasts over 700,000 verified users who trade over $800 million in crypto. Bringing TradFi and DeFi together under one roof, SwissBorg aims to provide true utility for communities around the world, and the Solana integration is the latest chapter in that vision.

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