Crypto Thanksgiving: community hails industry milestones, expresses gratitude

    2023.11.24 | exchangesranking | 184onlookers

    As crypto community members celebrated Thanksgiving, many expressed gratitude for the progress of the digital asset space over the years. 

    From comparing price points for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) last year to sharing their Thanksgiving conversations about BTC, crypto users exchanged their musings on X (formerly Twitter) for the holiday.

    Animoca Brands Chairman Yat Siu reminded his followers that there is “much to be grateful for.” Siu posted ETH and BTC prices a year ago and compared them with current market prices. The executive also mentioned Web3’s total market capitalization, which has grown to $1.4 trillion.

    Meanwhile, Bitcoin firm River shared a list of BTC prices on Thanksgiving for each year since 2018. The company also urged its X followers to be patient with their loved ones. River highlighted that the price might change, but the conversations about BTC may be the same. 

    Another community member shared their dinner conversation about crypto, where somebody called crypto a “boom and a bust.” The trader said they responded by saying BTC is up 125%, and the price is hovering around $37,000. 

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    Other community members also shared their answers to the question “How’s crypto doing?” for Thanksgiving. A crypto investor compared the space to a “turkey” and said it requires the correct amount of cooking time. The community member expressed thanks for the opportunity to invest in the technology.

    While some had exciting conversations, others said nobody mentioned crypto at their Thanksgiving dinners. A community member shared that while they are neither bullish nor bearish on the space, they are “content.” 

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