Microsoft-owned LinkedIn releases AI-powered assistant for job recruiters

    2023.10.04 | exchangesranking | 989onlookers

    The Microsoft-owned and business-focused social platform LinkedIn announced the rollout of new artificial intelligence (AI) features to assist job recruiters when sourcing candidates. 

    On Oct. 3, LinkedIn said it is launching its pilot for the “Recruiter 2024,” which is an AI-assisted tool for recruiters.

    According to the announcement, recruiters using the tool can now ask questions using “natural language” to find candidates on the platform. In addition, the tool can be used to create ad campaigns for jobs.

    At the Talent Connect Summit in New York, LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky said the industry needs new playbooks, and AI can help create those.

    “The good news is that AI is not just accelerating the need for new playbooks, it’s also going to be a great tool in helping you all build them...”

    Along with the AI-assisted recruiting tool, LinkedIn also launched AI-powered coaching in its LinkedIn Learning section. It said the AI aspect will be able to tailor content and offer real-time advice based on the user’s career aspirations. 

    Over the last year, LinkedIn reported a 65% increase in interest in its AI course offerings. The new AI-powered recruiting and learning tools will be available to a “small handful” of users and will be made more widely available in the future.

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    Microsoft owns LinkedIn and is reportedly using technology from OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft and is the creator of the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, to develop its AI features.

    In May, it released AI-assisted messages for recruiters and has since reported that 74% of users say it saves them time.

    LinkedIn is one of many companies beginning to integrate AI-powered applications into its operations. On Sept. 27, Mets CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his answer to ChatGPT with a new AI chat assistant known as Meta AI.

    The Meta AI assistant will be integrated into Meta-owned platforms, including popular social media and messaging applications Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

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