How tokenization is benefiting game developers and players alike

    2023.10.09 | exchangesranking | 1249onlookers

    Presented by Brickken

    Tokenization platform Brickken is holding a competition for indie developers — allowing them to raise capital, attract a new audience of engaged players and accelerate their projects.

    For years, crowdfunding has been the go-to for game builders looking to make a splash and secure investment for their big idea, and it continues to enjoy significant demand within the game industry.

    Statistics from Kickstarter reveal that gaming is still the most popular category for crowdfunding campaigns. A total of 80,163 projects have launched after securing $2.27 billion in investment.

    But gaining traction and achieving milestones has gotten more complicated as the market reaches saturation — with even the most promising titles struggling to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

    This is where tokenization comes into play and turns gamers into stakeholders.

    The benefits of tokenization

    Before tokenization, a significant barrier to entry for potential investors in emerging gaming projects was the minimum investment required. To make matters worse, those who contributed might not receive much incentive in return.

    Tokenization transforms all of this — by automating and token-gating these processes. It opens the door to fractional ownership, meaning gamers on all budgets can take a stake in the projects they’re passionate about. Developers also have an opportunity to give backers a seat at the table — allowing them to vote on key milestones that’ll alter the course of the project in the months and years to come. Communication channels can be walled off to those who have made a contribution too, enabling them to tap into exclusive perks and content.

    Moreover, tokenization is a marketing powerhouse for both players and game developers. Players become stakeholders, motivated to promote and engage with their favorite games actively, and tokenized assets further fuel their involvement. For developers, it's a community-building tool that incentivizes player engagement. The result is a more inclusive, efficient, and engaging ecosystem that benefits both developers and gamers alike.

    As Felix Tejland, chief marketing officer at tokenization solution provider Brickken, points out, crowdfunding has played a pivotal role in bringing our most beloved games to market.

    “Asset tokenization is the evolution of that, introducing a participatory aspect in which the early adopters can be properly incentivized to boost awareness and help in marketing the game.”

    Unlocking the future

    Now, the Brickken Gaming Awards have launched — allowing budding developers to showcase their creations in exchange for the chance to supercharge their ideas like never before. Successful applicants have the potential to win free tokenization and a marketing package worth $10,000.

    Source: Brickken

    Source: Brickken

    The project says this can give imaginative games massive exposure and sponsorship opportunities, all while cultivating contacts with fellow developers and enthusiasts.

    After filling out a participation form, applicants who advance to further rounds will be tasked with pitching their game in a live broadcast — paving the way to a final where prizes will be awarded.

    Ever since smartphones challenged the dominance of game consoles, there’s been a golden opportunity for cutting-edge titles to make a huge impact — and reach emerging economies that were once out of reach. Brickken now believes that tokenization could take fundraising and audience engagement to the next level.

    Learn more about Brickken Gaming Awards

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