Gamers can now explore Mars in Tesla-inspired Cybertrucks — Here’s how

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    Presented by Mars4

    The Web3 game Mars4, which allows players to explore the surface of Mars, has unveiled two new exclusive rovers inspired by Tesla's Cybertrucks.

    For decades, space enthusiasts have had a fascination with Mars. NASA's Perseverance rover is giving us regular insight on what life is like some 140 million miles away — with footage recently capturing a rare weather phenomenon known as a dust devil.

    There are so many unanswered questions. Has life ever existed on this planet? Were there once friendly conditions where species could thrive? What are the hurdles that stand in the way of human and robotic exploration?

    In the past, understanding Mars has been an opportunity only reserved for scientists. But huge technological transformations — such as virtual reality (VR) — now offer ordinary people the chance to get up close and personal to an environment so divorced from our own.

    NASA data has paved the way for detailed 3D maps of the terrain on Mars to be created. Now, all of this topography has been transformed into a game where everyone can play and interact in an accurate Martian landscape where they must battle to survive.

    A tangible experience

    Mars4 is an AAA 3D game that's been built using the Unreal Engine 5.1, a game engine made by Epic Games. Players have the chance to own a piece of land on the red planet, with each offering a distinctive environment. According to this play-to-earn game, more than 60,000 plots have already been sold.

    From here, the goal of the title is simple: explore, expand your land, construct dream buildings, gather resources, establish a colony, and create value. While it may be an unforgiving and harsh atmosphere, establishing a fully-fledged habitat creates a better chance of survival — and any resources found can be traded with fellow explorers.

    New features are continually being added — with two rovers inspired by Tesla Cybertrucks, Phobos X and Deimos X, recently introduced. Both are only available for a limited time only and are low in quantity, meaning there's likely to be fierce competition for these in-game assets. According to Mars4, this is a fitting tribute given how the project was inspired by the electric vehicle manufacturer.

    And that's not all. A robotic pet called Bullionaire has also been launched — giving colonists a helping hand and additional inventory space. Meanwhile, a new decoration set allows players to add a few homely touches to their properties.

    So much to see

    Whereas other games suffer from limited levels, a lack of land to explore and unrelatable storylines, Mars4 says it has something for everyone. Now, intrepid adventurers can build a new world from the ground up, go where no player has gone before, and be the first to make exciting discoveries about the surface of the red planet.

    Beyond its entertainment value, this title has the potential to be truly educational — a game that parents wouldn't mind their kids spending hours on.

    Mars4 is continually looking to break new ground and add further enhancements — over the summer, players could take to the skies in jetpacks, with an Alpha 1 sandbox released to test multiplayer functionality.

    All this, when coupled with regular ask-me-anything sessions and AI-generated art competitions that shed Mars in a new light, serve as the building blocks for forming a vibrant, outward-looking new community.

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