Bridging real and virtual worlds: This AR platform takes 3D mapping to a whole new level

    2023.10.12 | exchangesranking | 1123onlookers

    Presented by OVER

    The blockchain-powered platform OVER addresses the urgent need for accurate 3D mapping by democratizing map creation, incentivizing participation, and enabling real-time exploration of locations through augmented reality (AR).

    Spatial computing will play a key role in Web3 and especially in the metaverse, which will focus on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. AR devices like Apple Vision Pro and Meta’s Quest 3 are only the start of the Web’s immersive experience that will become ubiquitous.

    Yet, despite these recent strides, the convergence of the metaverse and AR remains an emerging trend, with a pressing need for 3D mapping to serve as the foundational bedrock for immersive world exploration. Traditional mapping methods, once stalwarts in the field, are now falling by the wayside, producing antiquated and imprecise depictions of our ever-evolving world. These models struggle to keep pace with the rapid advancements of Web3 technologies, which demand real-time precision.

    While one workaround involves deploying sophisticated yet costly graphics processing units (GPUs) to render remote locations with pinpoint accuracy, this solution proves less tenable for smartphone users and the broader Web3 community due to its prohibitive costs and inherent complexity.

    AR technology comes to the rescue by offering a promising solution to today’s mapping challenges. AR not only holds the potential to enhance mapping accuracy but also to do so at a lower cost, all while rendering these benefits more accessible compared to GPU-centric alternatives. By overlaying digital information onto the physical world, AR enriches users' surroundings and reshapes the mapping landscape.

    This AR and metaverse project offers precise mapping driven by community

    One of the AR projects poised to revolutionize 3D mapping is OVER, a blockchain-powered platform for the AR metaverse.

    OVER’s Mapper solution boasts a visual position system (VPS) technology that achieves up to 20-centimeter accuracy, outperforming traditional GPS systems. This precision is crucial for delivering timely and true-to-life maps, effectively tackling the issues of outdated and inaccurate mapping. On top of that, OVER enables precise geolocalization for indoor locations, which GPS systems cannot even reach.

    The Mapper tool provided by OVER enables everyone to participate in the mapping process and even get rewarded — a model called Map2EarnTM.

    OVER recently filed a patent application for a new feature of its Mapper platform, allowing users to explore remote 3D locations the community has previously mapped in real time. No need for expensive LiDAR systems or powerful GPUs for rendering. Exploration can be done using just a smartphone.

    According to OVER, its community has already uploaded about 20,000 3D maps of important locations worldwide, which can be viewed through AI-generated neural radiance field (NeRF) fly-through videos.

    Location in Udine, Italy, captured by OVER's Mapper tool. Source: OVER

    Location in Udine, Italy, captured by OVER's Mapper tool. Source: OVER

    Moreover, thanks to blockchain technology, creators own their maps as nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and can sell these NFT maps or buy new ones with the native OVER’s OVR token. This approach democratizes access and incentivizes participation in the mapping process.

    Mapping the whole world in 3D

    ​​OVER has achieved impressive results thanks to its active community, but it's not stopping there. Less than a year old, the Mapper project will soon be launching the "Map the World" campaign, encouraging everyone to participate in the mapping process. OVER expects this to be the largest user-generated mapping initiative ever seen.

    OVER co-founder and chief operating officer Diego Di Tommaso explained:

    "Our long-term vision at OVER is to create the largest Web3-based 3D recreation of the world. Think Google Maps, but as AR-enabled, blockchain-based digital twins that are created and owned by their creators. For the public to help create — and own — such a global utility is, we believe, an incredible opportunity."

    Amid the current tech revolution, initiatives like the OVER Mapper are about more than fixing yesteryear's buggy maps. It's about democratizing the world of virtual exploration, making it accessible and affordable for everyone. With the OVER Mapper, users can experience unprecedented immersion, create new maps and revolutionize their interactions with the world.

    Learn more about OVER

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